“I feel fat”, I heard this on a show and thought that’s a feeling I have quite often. There have been countless times when I have changed my clothes just because some dress made me look fat. In fact, I did that just today in the morning while getting dressed for work. I used to be a size XS and now I’m a size M. All this in a matter of few months. The culprit? Binge Eating. I’ve been going through a pretty rough patch in life and turned to my favourite foods – chocolates, ice creams and anything that had cheese in it. Big mistake!

I was in for a rude shock. Not only were my clothes bursting at its seams, people around me had started ridiculing me and some of them even stopped talking to me. Every remark even a casual one seemed like it was directed right at me. I’ve never been a person who judged people by their looks or weight so when that was happening to me, I was stunned. I couldn’t believe that people who knew me for years were doing that. I felt hurt and angry. My favourite foods come to my rescue, yet again. I came to a point where I couldn’t care less for what people said about my physical appearance.

I’m an avid reader. In between my hectic schedule of working, studying and attending classes I have always made time for reading. While reading ‘Awaken The Giant Within’ by Anthony Robbins, I came across this concept of Pain vs. Pleasure. That got me thinking, Wasn’t I feeling depressed? Wasn’t I losing self-esteem? Wasn’t I hating myself for letting go? And weren’t these all different forms of pain? I was excited about using pain as a leverage to get what I wanted. This to me seemed to be a fantastic idea! A great way to challenge and overcome my weight issue and make serious lifestyle changes.

So, here I am to share my fitness journey with you.

I hope that my Blog helps you stay motivated and reach your fitness and health goals.

We owe it to ourselves. I learned that the hard way.

We deserve to be Healthy, Strong, Fit and Fabulous. We deserve to be and should be the best version of ourselves!