Affirmation Challenge – Day 1

Affirmation – “Today is a brand new day. My past does not define me. My future is mine to create.”

I finally got around to writing my experience on starting the Affirmation Challenge. Today is Day 1 and it’s about starting afresh.

Learning from the past is always a good thing but letting it rule you is a Big No No.

One big area I have been limiting myself is studies. I have always been a bright student, getting marks over 80% in all subjects. I never doubted my abilities up until a couple years back when I chose to do the Chartered Accountancy course. I cleared the Entrance Exam in my first attempt. Then came the Inter Exam with 7 subjects with a vast syllabus to be covered within a span of 9 months. I couldn’t complete the first attempt of my examination because my mother fell seriously ill on the day of my exam. The attempt after that I didn’t pass as I missed the average by 5 marks (We have to obtain a minimum of 40 in each subject and an average of 50% of the total marks). The third attempt I got the total average marks but failed in one subject by 2 marks.

Disappointing is an understatement for what I felt after each attempt. My past achievements in academics were blurred out by the current failure I had faced. I lost all belief in my capability. I was consumed by negative self-talk. I couldn’t stop beating myself about it. This just lead to a confused mind and a couple of wrong career decisions. I looked for a job and even got one. I clung on to that job because I thought that’s all I can do. It wasn’t a bad job. In fact, it was in my dream company Ernst & Young(EY). But, I still wasn’t happy. Why? That was not what I wanted to do. It was my dream company but not my dream job! I finally quit so that I can write my exam again. I will be writing the exam this November. I am going to face my fear and prove that I am capable. I CAN do it!

So, you can imagine how important this Affirmation is for me. I cannot let my past results affect my preparation this time. I cannot let my past interfere with my beliefs about myself. I cannot let my past determine what I can or cant do. I cannot let the past define me. This is my first step to change my beliefs.Time to stop the negative self-talk. My step toward success. Time for change.

I am so excited about this process. The first time I sat down after a long time to introspect and it was rewarding. Saying and writing this affirmation has definitely sparked a flame in me again. A much bigger flame than I had before for my career and the set of examinations I am going to take. It’s feeling right again. I feel that I can take on the challenge ahead and come out with flying colours.

“Today is a brand new day. My past does not define me. My future is mine to create.”








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