th“Heartscapes” is about me. It’s going to be about a myriad of things that are a part of who I am and who I want to be. My experiences as I go through this magnificent journey called Life. The highs and lows, the twists and turns which make life so uncertain and fascinating all at the same time. The Path to Self Discovery.¬†Finding light in darkness. The Steps to Spiritualism. The Joy of Living. The Magic of Love.¬†



“I feel fat”, I heard this on a show and thought that’s a feeling I have quite often. There have been countless times when I have changed my clothes just because some dress made me look fat. In fact, I did that just today in the morning while getting dressed for work. I used to be a size XS and now I’m a size M. All this in a matter of few months. The culprit? Binge Eating. I’ve been going through a pretty rough patch in life and turned to my favourite foods – chocolates, ice creams and anything that had cheese in it. Big mistake!

I was in for a rude shock. Not only were my clothes bursting at its seams, people around me had started ridiculing me and some of them even stopped talking to me. Every remark even a casual one seemed like it was directed right at me. I’ve never been a person who judged people by their looks or weight so when that was happening to me, I was stunned. I couldn’t believe that people who knew me for years were doing that. I felt hurt and angry. My favourite foods come to my rescue, yet again. I came to a point where I couldn’t care less for what people said about my physical appearance.

I’m an avid reader. In between my hectic schedule of working, studying and attending classes I have always made time for reading. While reading ‘Awaken The Giant Within’ by Anthony Robbins, I came across this concept of Pain vs. Pleasure. That got me thinking, Wasn’t I feeling depressed? Wasn’t I losing self-esteem? Wasn’t I hating myself for letting go? And weren’t these all different forms of pain? I was excited about using pain as a leverage to get what I wanted. This to me seemed to be a fantastic idea! A great way to challenge and overcome my weight issue and make serious lifestyle changes.

So, here I am to share my fitness journey with you.

I hope that my Blog helps you stay motivated and reach your fitness and health goals.

We owe it to ourselves. I learned that the hard way.

We deserve to be Healthy, Strong, Fit and Fabulous. We deserve to be and should be the best version of ourselves!